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  • PL X Exotic
PL Series
Recommended Limb Lengths
(draw measured from string to far side of shelf
23" to 27" Draw - 60" Limbs
25" to 29" Draw - 62" Limbs
27" to 31" Draw - 64" Limbs
29" to 33" Draw - 66" Limbs
At your draw length you may decide to opt for the shorter limb that is a little more maneuverable or for the longer limb that is slightly more comfortable. The decision is yours.

If you order the NEW 2021 bow with CARBON LIMBS, you will need to choose the wood for the riser.  Please put this in the NOTES SECTION.

Yes, the new CNC “precision crafted” Black Widow longbow is as fast and sweet to shoot as a Black Widow recurve. You just may fall in love with this long, lean and lovely lady with just enough curves to turn on any red-blooded bowhunter. Even though she appears very slim and delicate, she packs a powerful punch. In fact, she zings a heavy arrow as fast as our recurves.The locator grip provides positive and consistent hand placement, yet has a traditional appearance. Most Black Widow recurve shooters can pick up this longbow, grip it by the throat just like they do their recurve and immediately hit where they look without having to make adjustments. In fact, the PSR recurve has exactly the same grip and riser as this longbow. This makes it unbelievably easy to switch back and forth between these two bows. You have to shoot this bow to believe it! (See our TEST DRIVE ) Available in a one-piece or takedown version..

On International orders for one piece bows, there will be an extra $100 shipping charge added to your order for each longbow because of the size of the package.

  • FAST FLEX TRAPEZOID LIMBS: 60”, 62", 64" and 66”. Vertically stacked, tapered laminations reinforced with a red, woven glass center core. Faced and backed with transparent Fiberglass with a veneer lamination and carbon under the back glass. Flemish-twist DynaFLIGHT 97 string.
  • RISER: Deflex design. Pre-stressed, multiple layers of laminations on the face side of trim stripe and reinforced with pre-stressed, multiple layers of fiberglass on the back side of trim stripe that extend into the fadeouts. Tapered 2 3/4 inch sight window cut to center. Radiused shelf. Black Widow Medallion inlay. Shur-Grip rubber handle wrap that can easily be rolled off or on, as preferred.
  • BRACE HEIGHT: 7 to 7 3/4 inches (from string to throat of grip).
  • MASS WEIGHT: 1 3/4 pounds for 64" bow.
  • FINISH: Sealed and protected in nonreflective “Frost” (matte) clear marine epoxy.



X stands for “Exotic”! We can build your X bow with one of several exotic woods of your choice This MAY require some planning and discussion. If you have questions, please call us for details.

Complete bow comes with:
(#300) Flemish Twist DynaFLIGHT 97 String
(#306) Bow Stringer
(#308) Spider string silencers
(#312) Bow Tip Protector
(#322) Calf Hair Shelf Rest/Strike Plate
(#332) Nocking Points
(#360) Shur-Grip
(#410) Camo Sleeve (with One-Piece)
(#411) Camo Sleeve (with Take-Down)
(#900) Owner's Manual Companion DVD
(#901) Owner's Manual

PL X Exotic

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