Bow Model Comparison

What are the differences between our recurve bow models?

A common question we are asked in "What's the difference between the PMA, PSA and the PCH models?"  The answer is quite simple.  In the photo the three 60" bows on the left,  please notice the riser lengths of the different models.  The PMA has an 18" riser with a 5" sight window.  The PSA has a 16" riser with a 4" sight window and the PCH has a 14" riser with a 3" sight window.  Bottom line is that in these three bows the 60" PMA will have a 2" longer riser than the 60" PSA and a 4" longer riser than the 60" PCH.  This allows the 60" PCH to have a 4" longer working limb than the 60" PMA and a 2" longer working limb over a 60" PSA.  The advantage of the shorter risers is that you can shoot a longer working limb with the same length of bow.  There will be minimal performance difference as all of the bows have the same limb design.

The length of working limb is important in determining your optimal limb length for your draw length.  See RECOMMENDED LIMB LENGTHS for the various models.

The difference between the KB, PA and the PTF models are much the same.  The KB model will have a 2 1/2" sight window compared to 3 1/2" on the PA and PTF models.  The riser on the KB model is 2" shorter, from fadeout to fadeout than the PA and PTF models.

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