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Thank you for considering Black Widow as your custom bowyer and supplier of traditional equipment and accessories.

Black Widow bows are unique in design and very complex to build. Just the handle alone has up to thirty-seven glue lines (depending on the model) and requires as many man-hours to build as do most complete traditional bows being made today. Lightning fast limbs are tapered and tillered as only Black Widow bowyers know how. The result of all this effort and expertise is a bow.. a legendary bow...a Black Widow bow...whose smoothness, stability and speed will amaze you. As one of our satisfied customers put it, “It’s the only custom bow I’ve ever had, and I’ve had about all of them, that has everything I want. It’s fast, smooth, stable and beautiful too. And all in the same bow!” ... That about says it all.

The superior performance of the Black Widow Dyna Flex limbs and DynaFLIGHT 97 string allows you the luxury of being conservative in draw weight, still get excellent cast and enable you to maximize your accuracy. We suggest dropping down about 25% in draw weight when switching from a compound bow.

You may order limb weight at the traditional 28 inch draw or you may order limb weight at your actual draw. Draw length is measured from the string to the far side of the shelf, which is 1 3/4 inches longer than so-called “true draw” (which is measured to the throat of the grip). Your draw will probably be an inch or two shorter with a recurve or longbow than with a compound.

Some bowyers choose to glue-up their bow limbs a lot heavier than ordered by the customer and then simply grind enough material off to bring the weight down to the poundage ordered. This is not wise. In fact it is very risky and may compromise the integrity of the bow. Therefore, when specifying draw weight, please allow plus or minus two pounds. For instance, a bow ordered at 53 pounds would allow us a range of 51 to 55 pounds. Of course we will try to come as close to the weight ordered as we possibly can. We do offer, however, to guarantee plus or minus one pound for an additional charge of $25.00 or exact poundage (plus or minus zero pounds) for an additional charge of $75.00. This may take a little longer for you to receive your bow if we miss the desired poundage the first time.

PL longbows and PSR recurves are furnished with #360 shur-grip handle wrap but can be ordered with a tailored Leather handle wrap instead for an extra charge of $75.00.  Our Beavertail supply is quickly coming to a close and we will no longer be able to offer a Beavertail handle wrap.

Accessory inserts for side-mount quivers #444, #463 or #473 can be installed on any Black Widow model. Sight inserts (or Kiwkee Kwiver) and stabilizer inserts can be installed on PMA, PSA, PCH and PA models. All at no charge.

If you shoot three fingers under the nock, please specify and we will tiller the limbs accordingly at no extra cost.

There are various options for grips. Each model has its own standard Black Widow grip. The PMA, PSA, PCH, PTF and PA models are available with the “Asbell” grip (at no extra charge) it has a slightly larger and higher palm swell suitable for rotating the wrist as G. Fred Asbell prefers. You can also get a Low Wrist grip (no charge) which longbow shooter may prefer. Or, you can have your grip custom shaped to your personal taste by loaning us a grip, handle or bow that you wish duplicated. The additional charge is $100.00 for Custom Shaped-Copy grip..

We will be happy to personalize your bow with your name on the face of the lower limb at no extra cost.

LIMBS ONLY: When ordering limbs for an older handle, please remember that beginning in 2003 all limbs are “precision crafted” to much closer tolerances than previous limbs and handles. Consequently, you may not have a very good cosmetic fit of new limbs on your old handle. We can improve the fit (we can’t make it perfect, but we can make it better) by re-sizing and refinishing your old handle. Although we can still make PMA and PSA limbs with wood riser sections, there are some advantages to the phenolic risers for you to consider. We suggest calling us before ordering LIMBS ONLY for older MA or SA handles.

All complete take-down and one-piece bows or limbs-only come with a Flemish-twist DynaFLIGHT 97 string, bowstringer, bow tip protector, Spider string silencers, calf hair shelf rest / strike plate, one-half dozen nocking points and a detailed Owner's Manual. In addition, both one-piece Longbows and take-down Longbows come with a Safari Tuff sleeve case.

After your order is processed, you will receive a CONFIRMATION OF ORDER.  Please double check this Confirmation and notify us immediately of any corrections or changes.  Please give us a shipping address where there will be someone available to receive the bow. Delivery time will depend on how many orders are ahead of you, but generally you can expect shipment approximately 6 months from the date we receive your order. However, we keep some partially completed bows in inventory which, if one meets your needs, could be finished to your specifications and shipped in possibly 4 to 6 weeks.

After you receive your bow if you have any questions or problems please do not hesitate to call us. We will do our very best to make your adventure with traditional bowhunting an exciting and rewarding experience.


Black Widow has always strived to bring you the best quality bows that you can find.  In addition to that, we have taken pride in the appearance of our bows by adding many exotic woods for you to choose from.  Through the years we have tried to pick out the best looking woods to make your dream bow a reality.  We have also tried to use the clearest fiberglass we can find to bring out the beauty of the wood.  The producers of the fiberglass used in building our bows cannot guarantee us clear, "window pane" glass.  We, like the rest of the bowyers in the industry, have struggled for years with finding clear fiberglass.  As a result of this we can no longer warranty bows that have small streaks in the glass.  These streaks are cosmetic only and do not affect the integrity of the bow.  As always, we will pick the clearest glass we can find to build our bows.  Please keep in mind that the darker the limb wood, the more apt to see these slight imperfections in the fiberglass.

Should damage or failure occur to a Black Widow bow within a period of one year from the date of shipment due to inferior materials or workmanship we will make free repair, or replacement if repair is not possible. After the one year period, repair will be made at a reasonable charge. If, at the discretion of Black Widow Custom Bows, repair is not possible, replacement will be made on the basis of 1/48th of the current retail price per month from the first anniversary of the date of shipment. For example, if the current price of a set of bow limbs at the time of replacement is $720.00, the per month replacement charge from the first anniversary date of shipment would be $15.00 per month. If this were to happen after 24 months from the date of shipment (12 months from first anniversary date) the replacement cost would be $180.00 ($15.00 x 12 months). Replacement will be made with a bow of the same model, or as near as possible if models have changed. 


The above provisions will apply unless the bow shows evidence of misuse, abuse, alteration, improper handling, or damage as a result of shooting arrows weighing less than eight grains per pound of draw weight (we recommend 9-11 or more; especially with longer draw lengths of 29" or more, which significantly increases the possibility of limb tip damage when using a high performance bow string) or during the stringing or unstringing process. No adjustment can be made until the bow is returned to Black Widow Custom Bows for inspection. If it is necessary to return your bow to the factory for repair be certain to pack it carefully to prevent damage from shipping. To insure that you do not do something that will void your warranty be sure to read and follow the instructions in the Owners Manual and watch the Owner's Manual DVD before assembling, stringing and shooting your bow.

TEST DRIVE A Black Widow

You like to test drive a car before you buy, right? Now you can test-drive a Black Widow before you buy!

We now have a fleet of DEMO bows in our inventory for just that purpose. Here is how it works:

  1. 1. If you would like to get your hands on a Black Widow to try out for a week, just give us a call and together we can select a bow out of our DEMO fleet that is close to what you are interested in ordering.
  2. You may send a money order or we can charge your credit card for the price of that model of bow plus UPS shipping and insurance BOTH ways. Please give us a shipping address where there will be someone available to receive and sign for the bow.
  3. After you shoot the bow for one week simply affix the enclosed return shipping label and have UPS return it to us.
  4. Assuming the bow and components are returned to us in normal condition, we will then send you a refund check or credit your charge card for the price of the bow (you end up paying only the shipping and insurance).

Or, if at that time you decide you want to order a Black Widow bow, we will transfer your payment to your new bow order and build one for you at the specifications you prefer and we will pay the shipping on your new bow when completed.

If you would like to purchase the demo bow please contact us.

Sorry, this offer available only in U.S.A. 

To learn more about taking a “test drive” Call Black Widow Custom Bows at 

(417) 725-3113 

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