Test Drive A Bow

TEST DRIVE A Black Widow

You like to test drive a car before you buy, right? Now you can test-drive a Black Widow before you buy! We now have a fleet of DEMO bows in our inventory for just that purpose. Here is how it works:

  1. If you would like to get your hands on a Black Widow to try out for a week, just give us a call and together we can select a bow out of our DEMO fleet that is close to what you are interested in ordering.
  2. You may send a money order or we can charge your VISA or MasterCard for the price of that model of bow plus UPS shipping and insurance BOTH ways.
  3. After you shoot the bow for one week simply affix the enclosed return shipping label and have UPS return it to us.
  4. Assuming the bow and components are returned to us in normal condition, we will then send you a refund check or credit your charge card for the price of the bow (you end up paying only the shipping and insurance).

Or, if at that time you decide you want to order a Black Widow bow, we will transfer your payment to your new bow order and build one for you at the specifications you prefer and we will pay the shipping on your new bow when completed.

Sorry, this offer available only in U.S.A.

To learn more about taking a “Test Drive” Call

Black Widow Custom Bows at (417) 725-3113

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