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Who We Are

Greetings from Black Widow!

We hope everyone got a chance to take their favorite bow and sit out and enjoy what God has so blessed us with.  Toby and Roger made another trip to Maine with Squapan Mountain Outfitters.  Tony and Lynn Boucher and the crew put on another top notch hunt as once again we had a great week of shooting stick bows and hunting bear.  We even made time for a lobster feast.  Make plans to join us this fall for another amazing bear hunt and have a chance to win a Black Widow Bow!  Robert Harper was the 2016 Big Bear Winner.  Congratulations Robert!  If you would like to join us on a great bear hunt, get in touch with Tony Boucher at Squapan Mountain Outfitters in Mapleton, ME.  His website is http://squapan.homestead.com/home.html or you can email Tony or his wife Lynn at twb.lmb@atiwi.com or give them a call at (207) 764-7844.  Give myself or Roger a call and we can get you details of the hunt also.

It's hard to believe that Black Widow is at the 60 year mark. Thanks to the hard work of the Wilson Brothers, who started the company in 1957, Ken Beck and the current Widow Workers we have reached a goal that we are very proud of. In honor of our 60th Anniversary we are offering a version of our most popular model.  This SA X (with wood  limb wedges and butt blocks in the riser) in the 60” length, custom made to your weight and draw length.  The bow will have handpicked Tiger Myrtle limbs and a riser made with beautiful Ziricote.  It will come with Anniversary arrowhead overlays.

We are truly blessed to be able to do what we love every day and we could not have done it without our traditional family and friends that have chosen Black Widow as their bow of choice. Thanks to everyone who has helped Black Widow in achieving this goal.

Shoot Straight,  Toby Essick, John Clayman, and Roger Fulton

“May the good LORD be your Outfitter and Guide; May HE cause you to always shoot straight; And may the trophies you pursue be worthy of the Book.”

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