#925 Gettin Stickbow Close Series

#925 Gettin Stickbow Close- DVD Video

Gettin Stickbow Close-Come along with Steve Stivaly & Jim Purcaro to Montana, Kansas, Texas and New Jersey on their journey hunting
for whitetails in our great country. Nine exciting bowhunts. Their goal is to bring to you hunts as they
happen without a lot of interruptions. It may seem that they get into 1 big buck after another but in reality it
has taken 3 years and hundreds of hours to complete.

GETTIN STICKBOW CLOSE II-Come along with us on another journey hunting whitetails in our great country. Our
goal has always been to bring you hunts as they acutally happen. We feel we have learned a lot from our
1st production and we think it will show in GSC II. God Bless & Good Hunting.

GETTIN STICKBOW CLOSE III-Come along with us on a few more journeys as we hunt Whitetails in Montana,
Kansas and New Jersey. Also see Steve hunt for Moose in Newfoundland as well as an exciting Hog hunt in
South Florida. We will continue to bring you our hunts as they happen.


GETTIN STICKBOW CLOSE 4-Come along with us on our hunting adventure of chasing whitetails across our great country.  Our goal has always been to bring you hunts the way they actually happen, the good, the bad and the ugly.  We hope you enjoy our production.

Please Specify GSC, GSC II, GSC III or GSC 4.  Or you can buy Vol 1, 2, and 3 as a set for $35.

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#925 Gettin Stickbow Close Series

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