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  • #500 Tuning Shaft-Carbon

Graphite Shafting - We do feel strongly about adequate mass weight of an arrow to absorb more of the bows stored energy for the purpose of penetration and longevity of the bow.  We recommend an arrow weight of 9-12 grains per pound of draw weight.

We prefer either the Gold Tip or Carbon Express shafts, because of their unique system of adding mass weight to point end of the shafts. Gold Tip Weights #511 will not fit in the 75 and 90 Carbon Express Shafts. This system also makes it possible to really fine-tune the shaft for perfect arrow flight. The greatest advantage of the virtually indestructible graphite shaft is that it allows you to maximize your accuracy (especially in cold weather) by shooting moderate poundage and should you not get a pass-through (which may even be preferable), the graphite shaft is unlikely to be broken off but will continue "working" as the game animal seeks to flee through the brush.

You may order just one (or more if you wish) of the Gold Tip XT or Carbon Express Tuning Shafts for the purpose of bare shaft testing and tuning, as per our Black Widow Owner's Manual Companion DVD, to determine which size works best from your bow. Gold Tip - with RPS insert and #511 adapter weights (210 grains total). Carbon Express - with RPS insert, and #511 adapter weights (210 grains total). We do not offer to cut tuning shafts to length. LIMIT 3 TUNING SHAFTS PER EACH SIZE

#500 Tuning Shaft-Carbon

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