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  • PTF III Autumn Oak One-Piece Bow
    PTF III Autumn Oak One-Piece Bow PTF III Autumn Oak One-Piece Bow
PTF Series
Recommended Limb Lengths
(draw measured from string to far side of shelf)
23" to 27" Draw - 56" Limbs
25" to 29" Draw - 58" Limbs
27" to 31" Draw - 60" Limbs
29" to 33" Draw - 62" Limbs
At your draw length you may decide to opt for the shorter limb that is a little more maneuverable or for the longer limb that is slightly more comfortable. The decision is yours.

This graceful, one-piece bow is reminiscent of the original model TF Black Widow bow of the late 1950’s that launched the Black Widow legend that lives on today. It is a slim, trim, one-piece version of the PSA take-down with exactly the same limb design and geometry. The PTF, like all Black Widows, has a radiused shelf which makes it great for the instinctive shooter who prefers shooting off the shelf.

  • DYNA FLEX TRAPEZOID LIMBS: 56", 58", 60" and 62". Vertically stacked, tapered laminations reinforced with a red, woven glass center core. Faced with transparent fiberglass. Flemish-twist DynaFLIGHT 97 string.
  • RISER: Deflex design. Pre-stressed, multiple layers of laminations, reinforced with pre-stressed multiple layers of red and black fiberglass. Full 3 1/2 inch sight window cut 3/16 of an inch past center. Radiused shelf. Black Widow spider medallion inlay. Brass inserts for Black Widow side-mount quivers or sight available at no additional charge (please specify).
  • BRACE HEIGHT: 8 1/4 to 9 inches (from string to throat of grip).
  • MASS WEIGHT: 2 1/4 pounds for 58" bow.
  • FINISH: Sealed and protected in nonreflective “Frost” (matte) clear marine epoxy. All inserts and bushings are solid brass.

The “Autumn Oak” birch laminations have the same hue as the leaves of a frosted oak during the fall whitetail hunting season.

Complete bow comes with:
(#300) Flemish Twist DynaFLIGHT 97 String
(#306) Bow Stringer
(#308) Spider string silencers
(#312) Bow Tip Protector
(#322) Calf Hair Shelf Rest/Strike Plate
(#332) Nocking Points
(#900) Owner's Manual Companion DVD
(#901) Owner's Manual

PTF III Autumn Oak One-Piece Bow

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