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Made the trip to Nixa Friday. Glad to report all is well there. I always get the little kid in a candy store feeling as soon I walk in the door. As usual, I was greeted with smiles & that feeling that I was among friends. Do they have a security camera that alerts them when a customer is about to walk in so they can change gears? Or, are they like that all the time? Those who have been there more than once know the answer. Yes, I walked away with a new PCHX, crossgrain Autumn Oak, 56", 47# @ 28". I shoot with a release now so the shorter bow worked out real nice. No finger pinch concerns. I have only one regret. I couldn't walk away with a KBX & PLX too. Watch out BW! I will return sooner than you think!



February 18th, 2013 05:02:30pm
Yes, the Widow folks are always corial and friendly and glad to see you.
Allen Payne

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