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I have a 1976 T-2600 Wilson Bros. 65" target bow. Does anyone know the brace height range on this model? Thanks, Dave


Brace height

February 16th, 2013 07:02:38pm
I have a 1964 Model #101 that is a 66" recurve rated 35#@28" And the brace is 7" to 8" from the palm side of handle.

Re: Brace height

February 17th, 2013 12:02:49pm
Thanks for your imput Sledawg. Found my owners manual for my 1975 model T-1300. Both are cast riser target bows. The risers are different between the two years. The '75 is a skeletonized A-frame type and the 76 is almost like a cast version of a PTF only with removable rear mounted limbs. Both are ivory white. My 1975 manual calls for 9"-10" to the grip throat for a 65", and 9 3/4"-10 3/4" for my 1975 69" bow. The 65" is at the top end at 10" now with the string just about unwound, so a little longer string is in order. The top bow is the 1976 T-2600, bottom is 1975 T-1300 Dave


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