2016's - Sandman

Waiting on my new widow to arrive and wanting to get a few opinions on what legacy shaft will tune best,It is a PCH and I ordered it to draw 45# at 25 inches with 150 grns up front.My 50# PCH tuned up with a 2018 legacy shaft so I think a 2016 might do the job on my new widow I want to my overall weight to be 450-500grns.



Dave Lay
April 23rd, 2014 10:04:52am
that should be pretty close ! i shoot a 28" 2020 with 200 gr up front from my 56 lb PAX and the same arrow out of a 60 lb PSA but with a 175 gr head. i can go lighter with the 56 lb bow by using a 2018 and 150 gr or so up front
Dave Lay
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