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Hi, I been shooting a SAlll, 62", 44# by 29 ", since 1998. I´ve been really glad for it, but thinking of buying a new one and have some limbs at 40# by 28" for contest shooting and an extra pare of 48# by 28" for hunting. I talked to BW about buying some limbs for the SAlll, and the limbs from the PSA can fit over. BUT they need the handle to make it fit correct and refinish it. The problem is I´am from Denmark. (as you might can see of my writing :-) ) Which Model would you choose to contest, and is there a difference between the models.. For an example: does the PMA have less recoil because of longer riser?



Sean B
January 16th, 2014 12:01:33pm

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Frank, If you are going to buy a new bow, and being that you're used to an SA model, Id go with a PSA. Also, with a 62" bow, you will get more working limb with a PSA than you will a PMA. Good Luck!-Sean
Frank M.
Sean Bleakley

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