Easton axis 500 spine - Chancey b.

Hello I have a psa 60" 53#&28. I pull about 27" and I'm shooting beman classics 400 spine at a little over 29.5 in length 75gr inserts and 125 gr tips and still getting tail right. Would like to use 125 gr. broad heads because the stores around here carry them. Do any of u have any experience with the 500 spine in a bow close to my setup? Don't know if they will be too weak or if I need to just order my broad head and field points from now on. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks



Toby @ BW
December 6th, 2013 12:12:20pm

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Chancey, If your getting tail right and you are a right handed shooter you are going to have to either add weight to the tip or get you some longer arrows. Nock right means the arrow is too stiff. More weight up front will help


Michael s.
December 15th, 2013 10:12:17pm

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try adding weight washers up front you can add up to three and that's around 15 grains
Chancey b.

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Michael saindon

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