A suggestion - Alonzo W.

Hi Roger and gang----I think it would be easier to search on both THE WIDOW WALL and CLASSIFIEDS if all the same dates of the submissions were kept together in descending order as[all JAN 10 13 dates together--not mixed in with dates of JAN 04 or Jan 06].I Think this would be an easy fix--and would stop me and others from pulling out what little hair we have left.


Re: A suggestion

Roger F.
January 10th, 2013 09:01:08am

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Hello Alonzo, We are still working on some issues. Right now the dates correspond with the last post made on that thread, not the initial date of the thread. Working on keeping the active threads at the top. Thanks for your patience. Roger
Alonzo Whitmarsh
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Roger Fulton

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