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Tony at (squapan) Question for you. Its probably nothing to worry about, but I have been hearing that some animal rights group are getting up a petition in maine to stop bear hunting over bait and possibly with dogs to. I think this has been tried before and failed, but I just wanted get your thoughts on this. My wife and I are thinking about joining you guys on a widow hunt soon.



October 15th, 2013 07:10:10pm
Bear hunter, Yes that is true! They are gathering signatures now to get it on a reforendom Nov of 2014. They tried and lost 10 years ago. They just don't quit. We feel we can win again, but it will be another hard faught battle!The only thing thats for sure is we will have the 2014 Widow Hunt! We have about 7 spots left for week one and 8 for week 2 and 3 at this time. We'd love to have you and your wife in camp! Were in the middle of building a new couples cabin now. Will post pictures in a couple weeks! Tony p.s. We got another bull moose today

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