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hello all - I just aquired a SA III take-down, 60" and 54# @26", "autumn oak" built May 1996 in excellent, visual, condition. I'm new to Black Widow bows and to take-down recurves, have always been a long bow shooter. My questions for you folks are (1) what should I do to this bow before I string it (with a new string)? (2) I draw 30", should I get new limbs? (3)are there adjustments? I know these are newbie questions but I would appreciate any insight. Thanks!



Sean B
September 3rd, 2013 08:09:19pm

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You're draw weight will probably be around 66# at your length. There are no adjustments as far as draw weight goes. Contact Roger, John or Toby, they may be able to reduce the weight of the limbs for you. They could tell you how much. Just make sure that the limbs are straight before stringing it. I shot an SA II for 14 years that I ordered in '96. It was my all tie favorite. good luck with it-Sean


September 4th, 2013 12:09:44pm
Thanks Sean B, I'll contact them.
Sean Bleakley

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