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I had the good fortune to get invited to hunt mule deer does on roughly 1300 acres of private land in southeastern WA. The guy that owns the place does not bowhunt, so I have it all to myself during archery season. We went out Sunday afternoon and saw tons of deer...there was a beautiful 5x5 bedded under a tree by the crest of a small hill...would have been a great spot to crawl up on him, but like I said I only have permission to hunt does (funny how you see huge bucks when you are doe hunting, huh?). After a couple failed stalks we found three does on a shelf with a cliff rising above them. I crawled to the edge and peeked over to see them all broadside and looking the other way 50 feet below and 35 yards out. The hunting gods must love me I laughed to myself while drawing my PMA-V and sliding an arrow.... jusssst under the biggest ones chest! Hopefully I'll shoot better next weekend and can post some pictures.



Toby @ BW
September 4th, 2013 08:09:45am

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The spot and stalk would have to be fun. Its kinda hard around here with 10 inches of Oak leaves under you. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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