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Sooooo I have questions about riser length and the working limb length. I get that the shorter the riser the longer the working limb and vice versa.... My question is what is the advantage / disadvantages?? The Widow Guys say in the catalogue and here on the site : "... common question we are asked in "What's the difference between the PMA, PSA and the PCH models?" The answer is quite simple. In the photo the three 60" bows on the left, please notice the riser lengths of the different models. The PMA has an 18" riser with a 5" sight window. The PSA has a 16" riser with a 4" sight window and the PCH has a 14" riser with a 3" sight window. Bottom line is that in these three bows the 60" PMA will have a 2" longer riser than the 60" PSA and a 4" longer riser than the 60" PCH. This allows the 60" PCH to have a 4" longer working limb than the 60" PMA and a 2" longer working limb over a 60" PSA. The advantage of the shorter risers is that you can shoot a longer working limb with the same length of bow. There will be minimal performance difference as all of the bows have the same limb design..." I have a 62" PMAII, my first Trad bow, which I love. It shoots incredibly well, very smooth etc etc. the length however is an issue for a majority of my hunting as I often utilize tree stands and ground blinds. This past season for instance I drew down (2 separate times) on a beautiful 11pt and both times didn't realize my limb tips (once the lower then the upper) were too close to hub in the blind wall and sent my shots someplace other than the deer. I have a 52" recurve (different bowyer, sorry :-( ). I do like it, shoot it well and the size is a pleasure. I'm about to order a PCHX 54". I really want to better understand this issue with riser lengths and working limb lengths. Thank you in advance to the Widow Guys and my fellow Widow Warriors for ANY info/advice you can pass along :-))



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The way I perceive it is that it allows a shorter length bow without feeling the stack & finger pinch normally associated with shorter bows. As in a 58" PCH will comparable & handle the same draw length as your 62" PMA but in a 4" shorter bow. I hope that makes sense it's the only way I can describe it.
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