2013 Widow Clinic - Greg Noble

Made it home late Saturday night after three awesome days in Nixa Missouri. The G Fred Asbell clinic was a great time, made a lot of new friends and shared many hunting stories amongst us. Fred is simply amazing! Ken Beck also was blast to speak to and his incredible knowledge on the topic of arrow tuning was a great learning experience. Everything from the tour of Black Widow to wonderful hospitality that Roger and Toby shared with our group will always be remembered (Toby is one heck of a good chef by the way). Anyone considering next years clinic should mark it on their calendar!



Sean B
May 14th, 2013 01:05:51pm

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It sounds like an awesome time. I'd love to make it one of these years. I'll have to sacrifice the beginning on NYs turkey season. Toby can cook??!! Then Guess whos cooking the lobsters this year on the bear hunt!!??
Greg Noble

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Sean Bleakley

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