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My old shooting buddy, and Black Widow shooter has been shooting a Black Widow Stick-Tite shooting glove for a years or so now. I have seen a marked consistancy improvement in his shooting since he started shooting the Black Widow Stick-tite glove. He claims that it is the Black Widow Stick-tite glove. I whole hearted agree with him. I have been shooting Neet shooting gloves all my life. The one thing that I have always disliked about the Neet gloves is that they fit snug on my finger snug when new, and I shoot very, very accurately with my Neet gloves..accurate enough to suit me anyways, After I shoot them 150 times approx. the finger stalls loosen up around my finger to the next size UP, from medium to large. At this point my finger are all over the inside of the stalls, and the stalls travel forward with the string. My accuracy starts to diminish somewhat...enough to bother me. The Black Widow Stick-Tite stalls do not travel forward?...MMMMMMMMM?... they do not. So I get the bright idea to get a SMALL size Neet glove, and customize it to fit me, leaving the Small size stalls untouched. After 3 or 4 attempts I finally got it right. After rubbing Mink paste on the Small finger stalls they would fit very, very, very tight on my fingers. After I shot it in approx. 150 shots the stalls still fit snugly but easy to put the glove on. I also shortened the fit from my finger tips to my wrist putting more stretch on the elastic. Now after shooting the customized Neat glove (shown in the middle in the pic) well over 400 to 500 times the stalls still fit snug on my fingers, and there is no forward travel of the stalls, and my accuracy remains thru out. The glove on the left of the picture is shown to show the larger size that it wears in to. The glove on the right is the Small size Neet glove before customizing. Now I do not have to have 2 or 3 new Neet gloves laying around for 3-D shoots, or "Bet" shoots. I shot my buddy's Black Widow Stick-tite glove, and I shot it every bit as accurate as my Neet glove but I doubt that I can ever get used to the stall straps right on the webs of my fingers. I do have to say...'THANKS BLACK WIDOW STICK-TITE GLOVES" for the idea. Just sharing ideas and nothing else.



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