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  • PSA V Ironwood Complete Bow-Limbs Only-Handle Only
PSA Series
Recommended Limb Lengths
(draw measured from string to far side of shelf)
23" to 27" Draw - 56" Limbs
25" to 29" Draw - 58" Limbs
27" to 31" Draw - 60" Limbs
29" to 33" Draw - 62" Limbs
At your draw length you may decide to opt for the shorter limb that is a little more maneuverable or for the longer limb that is slightly more comfortable. The decision is yours.


The new PSA series take-downs are CNC “precision crafted” with greater accuracy, detail and consistency than we have ever been able to achieve in the past. The black “phenolic” riser sections of the handle and limbs make a distinctive two-tone contrast; plus they are more impervious to moisture in the critical areas around the mounting pins and limb bolts. The extended shelf provides more protection for the hand and the outside edge of the shelf is relieved to make it easier to achieve good arrow flight off-the-shelf. The PSA has a two inch shorter handle than the PMA series and is intended for the instinctive shooter that can utilize a shorter sight window than the PMA series. The shorter handle, in turn, allows for a comparatively longer working limb, making it possible to use a shorter overall bow length for greater maneuverability (see RECOMMENDED LIMB LENGTHS).

  • DYNA FLEX TRAPEZOID LIMBS: 56", 58", 60" and 62". Black phenolic riser sections. Vertically stacked, tapered laminations reinforced with a red, woven glass center core. Faced with transparent fiberglass. Flemish-twist DynaFLIGHT 97 string.
  • HANDLE: 16 inches. Deflex design. Pre-stressed, multiple layers of laminations, reinforced with pre-stressed multiple layers of red black and white fiberglass. Full 4 inch sight window cut 3/16 of an inch past center. Extended radiused shelf. Black Widow spider medallion inlay. Brass inserts for Black Widow side-mount quivers, sight or stabilizer available at no additional charge (please specify).
  • BRACE HEIGHT: 8 1/4 to 9 inches (from string to throat of grip).
  • MASS WEIGHT: 3 pounds for 58" bow.
  • FINISH: Sealed and protected in nonreflective “Frost” (matte) clear marine epoxy. All inserts and bushings are solid brass.

In the tropical jungles of South America grows a tree that has earned the common name of “Ironwood”. It is known for its amazing strength, density and hardness (two to three times harder than oak). We have chosen to use this rich, walnut colored exotic wood in the handle of the SA V “Ironwood” bow. It is, indeed, as tough as iron! To compliment and match the toughness of the ”Ironwood” handle in this bow we are using vertically stacked bamboo laminations in the limbs to further enhance durability and performance.

Complete bow comes with:
(#300) Flemish Twist DynaFLIGHT 97 String
(#306) Bow Stringer
(#308) Spider string silencers
(#312) Bow Tip Protector
(#322) Calf Hair Shelf Rest/Strike Plate
(#332) Nocking Points
(#900) Owner's Manual Companion DVD
(#901) Owner's Manual

PSA V Ironwood Complete Bow-Limbs Only-Handle Only

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